ISKO EXAM 2016 24 Jan 2017

Many  students from Bal Bharati Public School ,NTPC Sipat Bilaspur Chhattisgarh participated in 1st  International Sports and Knowledge Exam organized by Science Olympiad Foundation .It is a unique exam  which  motivates children to strengthen their knowledge in Sports and games. Sports Quest , Olympics and General awareness question in the form of MCQ’s are asked.   Master Rayn Khan (Cl-I) achieved Zonal rank 17th , Hitansh Jameria (Cl-III) achieved Zonal rank 20th  , Meryl Jane Alexander (Cl-III) achieved Zonal rank 19th , Varun Kesari (Cl-IV) achieved Zonal rank 4th . The above students have bagged Gold medal  as  Medal of Excellence. Ritwik Singh(Cl-II) achieved Zonal rank 3rd with Zonal Bronze medal  and Anupam Pandey (Cl-XII) has achieved  113th position at Zonal level in International Company Secretary Olympiad  and bagged a Gold medal in the category of School Topper Medal.

Unified Cyber Olympiad Exam 2016-17 03 Dec 2016

Many  students from BalBharati Public School ,NTPC SipatBilaspur Chhattisgarh participated in 16th Unified Cyber Olympiad Exam organized by Science Olympiad Foundation .It is a unique exam  which  motivates children to strengthen their knowledge in mental ability, logical reasoning & computer knowledge. Proficiency in these areas will help every child to face the problems related to software solutions, management crises, lack of judgement and decision making .  Master Ritwik Singh (Cl-II), Arnav Saxena (Cl-III) and Mansavi Sinha (Cl-IV)performing marvelously in the exam and are selected for the second round of UCO exam which will be in February 2017.

National Cyber Olympiad 2016-17 03 Dec 2016

Around 60  students from BalBharati Public School ,NTPC Sipat participated in 16th SOF’s NCO exam . The NCO Exam  tests the Mental Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning in Computer and IT skills of students . National Cyber Olympiad is a global search competition that aims at identifying and nurturing cyber talent amongst the youngsters. It inspires the young generation to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of issue related to Computer and IT. The following BBPS’ites performed marvelously in the exam which are as follows –   Nashita Shori (Cl-II)   ,Pooja Rani Sahu (Cl-IV), and Rishiraj Yalla (Cl-III) have bagged School Gold medal and participation certificate. Whereas the following students have bagged Medal of Excellence and are shortlisted for the next round of NCO exam – Divyanshi Sahu (Cl-II) bagged 255th International rank,      Ritwik Singh (Cl-II)   bagged 144th International rank, Arnav Saxena (Cl-III)  bagged 264th International rank ,Hitansh Jamneria (Cl-III)    bagged 237th International rank, Bodhisatva Mohapatra (Cl-III) bagged 409th International rank, Manasvi Sinha (Cl-IV) bagged 321th International rank, Ahilan Bhattacharya(Cl-IV) bagged 373th International rank, Animesh Pathak (Cl-V) bagged 58th International rank,Divyanshu Patel (Cl-V) bagged 723th International rank, Bhumi Tusyan (CL-VI) bagged 855th International rank and Abhinav Rathore (Cl-VI) bagged 431st International rank. 


9 students  participated in CBSE Far East Zone Skating Competition 2016-17. The competition took place from 13rd-16th October 2016 at Raipur ,Chhattisgarh. A large number of students from different schools participated in array of events. 5 students from BalBharati Public School,NTPCSipatBilaspur Chhattisgarh got selected at National level which will be held in Amritsar. The names of students are as follows – Under 12 (In-line) category ,Bhavya Pandey (Cl-V) bagged a Gold medal in Rink Race 4 (300m) and  Rink Race 5 (500m) .Also  Diyvanshu Patel (Class V) bagged a Silver and a Bronze medal in Rink Race 2 (500m) and Rink Race 6 (1000m). Under 12 (Quard) category , Natania Kamal (Cl-I) bagged a Gold medal in Rink Race 3(1000m), AadhyaJha (Cl-II) bagged a Gold medals in Rink Race 1 (300m) and Rink Race 2 (500m) and BoppanaYashwant (Cl-I) bagged a Silver in Rink Race 3 (1000m).

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